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If you are looking for professional metal fabricators for commercial or industrial purposes, get in touch with Deltic Steels Ltd today. We are based in Reading and also serve throughout Newbury, Basingstoke, Maidenhead, Windsor, Wokingham, Bracknell and the surrounding areas.

Bespoke solutions

With over 26 years of experience in the trade, we ensure that you get the best possible results every time. All of our products are manufactured to your specific requirements and are ideal for conversions, extensions, new build and similar projects. Sheet metal is also available to order and we can fabricate from your designs, plans or written specifications. 

Our fabrication services are available throughout Reading, Newbury Basingstoke, Maidenhead, Windsor, Wokingham and Bracknell. Contact us today for more details.
beam cutting

Universal beams

Universal beams can also be referred to as "I-sections" or "H-sections". 
They are available in a variety of sizes. Please download the attachment below for more information.
Universal beams size guide
universal beams

Universal columns

These columns are commonly used for structural steel purposes. 
For more information about the specifications they are available in, download the size guide below.
Universal columns size guide
universal columns


RHS boxes are hollow steel sections that are available in a number of measurements. 
You can download the attachment below for detailed specifications.
Box RHS size guide


These are steel square hollow sections that have a wide range of applications. 
Attached below are the specifications of the BOX SHS products we manufacture.

Box SHS size guide

Angle (equal)

Steel equal angles are fabricated to your individual specifications and we ensure our steel angles meet engineering standards of safety and quality. Please see the attachment for example sizes and contact our experienced team for information on products outside this specification.
Angle (Equal) size guide
Angle (equal)

Angle (unequal)

We fabricate unequal angle rolled steel that meet all of the relevant safety and quality requirements. 
Please browse through the attachment for the available specifications.

Angle (Equal) size guide
Angle (unequal)

Parallel flange channels

Also known as "C-sections", our parallel flange channels are available in a variety of specifications. 
Please download the attachment below for a comprehensive size guide.

Parallel flange channels size guide
Parallel flange channels


We offer round steel bars that are manufactured to meet your exact requirements. 
You can browse through the size guide attachment below for more details.
Round size guide


Square steel tubes are used for structural purposes. Deltic Steels Ltd gives you high quality steel at reasonable prices. 
Download the size guide attachment for more details.
Square size guide

Tube CHS

These are circular hollow section steel tubes that are known for their durability and reliability. 
For more details about the specifications, download the size guide below.
Tube CHS size guide
Tube CHS


They are mild flat steel bars that are also referred to as carbon or plain steel. We supply flats in a wide range of specifications. Download the attachment below for more details.

Flats size guide
Get in touch with Deltic Steels Ltd today, we're your local metal fabricators in Reading and Newbury. Call us on 0118 987 6686 for more details on any of our products and to arrange a consultation.
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